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Pioneering Early Photography : Postal Photographs by Richard Ellis

11 January - 3 May 2023

Our First Floor Gallery is showing a photographic exhibition of a number of rare black and white photos taken in the early 1920’s by English photographer Richard Ellis. The prints focus exclusively on the General Post Office in Merchant’s Street and also take us behind the scenes to the sorting rooms where Malta’s mail was readied for dispatching.


Malta 1971 - Photographs by Uno Karlsson 

5 May - 2 June 2023

In the summer of 1971, a Swedish photographer by the name of Uno Karlsson landed on our sunny shores accompanied by his wife and armed with a camera. Early mornings followed late nights as Karlsson was transported into a world far removed from anything he knew. Stepping into the heart of our sleepy villages where life moved at a pace of its own, visits to shores to document the day’s catch, meanderings into towns and city to observe the pulsing nature of island life are all keenly captured through his lens. Observed through the eyes of an artist, twenty of these coloured photos are on display at the MPM Arts Hub together with a unique series of black and white prints documenting Oskar Nilsson, somewhat of a local character in Stromstad.







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