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City Trail 

Explore our capital city throughout on our cool City Trail.  Purchase your City Trail Packs (one per family) from the Malta Postal Museum – open weekdays from 10-4pm and from 10-2pm on Saturdays.


Mandatory Instructions to be followed by Artists, Curators or Organizations wishing to exhibit / rent space at the Malta Postal Museum & Arts Hub as of 15th June 2020.

• In line with the guidelines, issued by the National Health Authorities, the Malta Postal Museum (MPM) & Arts Hub has a reduced total capacity of 97 persons at any one time.

• Artists, curators and visitors are to respect the specified capacity of the Museum as well as the individual galleries and exhibition areas located within the MPM.

• All visitors must have their temperature taken prior to visiting the Museum. Those visitors whose temperature exceeds 37.2⁰C will be refused entry. Anyone manifesting any other symptoms of ill health such as respiratory symptoms will also be refused entry.

• All artists, curators and visitors shall consent to have their names, surnames, ID card number and contact details recorded for purposes of contact tracing should such need arise.

• Upon entry and throughout their visit, everybody is expected to maintain good hand hygiene and to make use of the alcohol hand sanitizers located at the entrance and throughout the Museum.

• Organisers, artists, curators and visitors are to respect the 2 (two) metre social distancing rule throughout the Museum. In the Front of House area, there are also floor markings which need to be respected. All visitor movement throughout the Museum will be monitored via CCTV.

• In the event that there are queues for specific events, visitors/guests must form a queue outside the Museum respecting the 2 (two) meter social distancing rule.

• Visitors must wear a face mask at all times while in the Museum. Anyone not in possession of a face mask will be able to purchase one from the Museum Front of House.

• Visitors are to limit their personal belongings when visiting the Museum – ideally a mobile phone and mode of payment should suffice. No cloakrooms are available.

• Visitors should avoid making use of the toilets. Should such use be required, anti-bacterial soap, water and paper towels are available.

• With regard to seating, only one (1) person per bench is permitted. Kindly respect this.

• With seated audiences, no more than six (6) persons per group will be permitted and each group will maintain a distance of 2 (two) meters from another group unless they are members of the same family.

• Doors and windows will be kept open.

• Air-conditioning is not in use.

• Tickets for visits can also be booked online.

• Some kiosks / touch screens will not be available.

All organisers, artists, curators and visitors are expected to follow these instructions. The Malta Postal Museum reserves the right to refuse entry into the museum and to invite visitors to leave the Museum unless these instructions are followed.












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