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K & T Kaleta
Great and informative museum! We've learnt more about Malta's history here than in any other place.
Great experience for the children to understand how letters arrive at home and to see the history behind it. They then had the experience to write and post their letters to Father Christmas which they really enjoyed. This was a school outing age group 5 years.
If you're anything of a history buff, this place is really neat. Not only are there stamps going back to the original Penny Black, but there are originals of handwritten letters from the middle ages. So many museums in Malta have hidden away their artefacts in favour of putting out copies for travelers to see. Not these guys. And it was so appreciated!
It was a nice enjoyable experience where kids learnt a lot. It was a pleasant morning. Thank you for all your patience.
I. Portelli
A great experience. Staff very well prepared. Students enjoyed themselves!
Luke Age 8
I really enjoyed being a detective.
What an interesting exhibition! Both the pupils and us adults enjoyed every minute. Well done & thanks!
A. Tabone
I have spent a delightful morning in this museum.
Emma D.
We visited on a special evening of Notte Bianca and had a guided tour by a very knowledgeable lady who talked us through all the highlights and exhibits. A beautiful museum, well thought out and has a great story to tell about how we used to communicate. Some excellent examples of letter writing with some cherished memories. A joy for any philatelist. Thank you to all for a wonderful visit.
As a child philatelist, I could have spent more time here. It made me want to revisit my collection I last looked at when I was a teenager 30+ year ago.
Julian - 7 years
I loved it so much it makes me want to come again
European Diploma in Cultural Project Management
Great place and nice times on the terrace. Creative and innovative museum. Thank you for welcoming us so well.
Shane H
This is a beautiful building with excellent exhibits. The special displays are particularly interesting. Please love it as other cities don't have such a fine museum.
Dr Vassallo
Tassew muzew sabih li jaghmel gieh lill-istorja twila postali f'Malta. Tabilhaqq prosit ghal kull min ta u jaghti kontribut.
Sußes Museum. Tolle Idee “eigene” Briefmarken drucken zu lassen!
Patrick A
The guided tour at the postal museum at Notte Bianca was an experience that I will never forget. It is an experience you shouldn't miss while in Valletta.
Marco T
Back again! Too much fun.
N. Zammit (age 10)
I learned a lot. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for having me.
Un lugar magico donde nas traslada a travel del tiempo.
My joy when walking in was not just finding several floors of stamp collection, but to see that the museum also detailed the different eras of the island and how the delivery of mail during those periods was changed by the larger events happening. It's a small glimpse into how the most mundane of the day to day must adapt to larger circumstances that don't always get when reading history.
Sugoi! (amazing in Japanese)
Best museum I've been to in Malta. I study museology and am very impressed!
Luqa Primary
Well done! The children loved the game and the place is really clean and organised. The curator was very gentle and explained really well! Keep it up!
Thank you for everything. It was great fun - especially the Code Breaker
Miguel - age 9
Best Maths Trail ever.
Emily & Andy
Fascinating - many thanks - we loved reading Nelson's letters.
Glenn S
This museum surprises, informs and intrigues. The collection highlights why and how the Malta postal service developed, starting from the 15th century, and how the stamps issued reflect Maltese history and Malta's national sense, values and environment. Well done to MaltaPost for acting to preserve and present important aspects of Malta's heritage.
Dane & Diana
Simply the best! The best, cleanest and most well-organized museum of any type. A model for all.
Ian L.
A well spent morning in Valletta. Interesting and unique objects - educational at the same time - proud to have such heritage. Interactive, excellent experience. Personalised stamps is a must.
Kim O.
Great place! Worth going and have a look at the architecture of past and present at this erstwhile "kerrejja", which was formed into this exhibition and performance venue. Well done!
Tomas age 11
The best time ever.
Tres beau muse postal! Belle presentation et accueil chaleureux.
J. Quirolo
A very good, informative and organized blend between the Maltese history and culture and the evolution of the Maltese postal system. Very friendly and positive staff. Keep it up!
T. Schadla-Hall
This is a treasure of a museum - and it is so much more than a stamp collection - the history of postage in Malta is woven into Malta's history in an engaging way...Malta has many fine public museums - all the Heritage Malta sites are excellent - just in front of them comes the Fortifications centre - and just in front of that now is the Postal Museum!
As an ex-postman in the 60's this was a fabulous experience
Extremely enriching experience. Amazing how children mingled for the first time.
A. Z.
A gem of a place, offering interesting insights apart from a comprehensive display of Maltese stamps. The collection of letters from different epochs is thrilling. The activity area for children at the topmost floor is a great bonus. Definitely not just for philatelists!
K. Ernst
Interesting, beautifully laid-out, truly a work of art. If there was a museum for museums, this one would be in it.
SMC Middle School Cospicua
Thank you for your excellent work with out students and very interesting activities. Really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks a lot.
This delightful museum only opened in the summer of 2016 and is on a narrow frontage in Archbishop Street Valletta; it does not yet appear on all the Valletta tourist maps. It is most attractively laid out on three floors and has as much appeal to the general public as well as to serious philatelists. There are numerous video clips so it is far from being a traditional museum. On my second visit one of the guides was escorting an enthusiastic class of 30 young schoolchildren; may they all turn into stamp collectors!
A wonderful museum, beautifully set out, and really informative. Different video presentations on each floor. Immaculately kept, and very welcoming. We visited other museums and this was definitely the best kept.
Graziella - St. Monica School
We had a lovely time, the kids and I enjoyed ourselves so much! Brilliant tour and the 'crack the code' game was fantastic!
Very interesting. Everything was beautifully displayed. Truly worth a visit. And you can stock up on stamps here too!
This was the most amazing collection of Malta postal history, including a remarkable group of disinfected covers, a complete collection of Maltese stamps up to and including the present day and lots of other interesting post related items. Particularly interesting was the log of post office hand stamps that were in use. The collection is on three floors with easy access to each floor by lift. A really wonderful little museum and post office which is well worth a visit in Valletta.
C. Lambrecht
Full of relevant information, beautifully presented, a very interesting exhibition on Turkey, a friendly and humorous hostess. Museum to recommend.
S. Bravi
Molto interessante. Un tuffo nella storia. Complimenti.
David & Janet
Terrific museum, very modern, very informative. Well done all!
Martin F.
Excellently presented. Very good historical videos. Illustrates Malta's history. The best Stamp Museum I have visited. Not to be missed.
E. V. Borg
State of the art museum. Well kept & spotlessly clean. It gives us pride as a people.
Interesting, beautiful and intelligently presented.
Josephine B
I have visited the museum twice to attend cultural events and browse the museum. But I will return again to make use of their practical postal services and get my personalized postage stamps!
Skola-Sajf San Gwann
Very interesting and also caters well for all ages. Very well organized children loved it.
Chiswick-House School
What an amazing experience for both teachers and children. Thank you!
Ingo & Petra
Ein wundervolles, schönes Museum. Die Idee die Briefmarken auch in groß darustellen finden wir sehr interessant und warden diese Idee auch mit nach Deutschland nehmen. Wir hatten hier eine wundervolles zeit. Wir lieben dieses Museum
This is by far the best museum in Malta
Our Queen would be impressed!
A merited monument for Malta's postal history. Great location in the historic Valletta. Grand building with a beautiful restoration. Exhibits are delightful, and pleasantly uncrowded, helping you appreciate the place more. A trip down memory lane for this old form of communications which remains with us in this digital age. Great job!
This museum is a gem!
Tucked away between two cafes it's easy to walk past the entrance to this museum, but there is a red carpet outside to help you find it. Once you have found it please go in and find a great little museum with lots of interesting facts and a very helpful lady at the desk. There is a small charge but well worth it!
Cardiff P
Everything you could want to know perfectly presented. The totality of Malta's stamps was a real find.
This is a small museum near the Greek Church on Archbishop Street in Valletta. I recommend a visit even if you are not interested in philately. This neat well laid out museum takes you through the postal history of Malta, giving an insight of Malta during the various periods of its history. A big thank you to the Curator and the very pleasant staff, making this small, charming Museum a must on a visit to Valletta.
Unglaublich beeindruckend - ein "Muss" fur alle Briefmarken-sammler
My father and I met and spoke with Donna, the shop clerk at the Museum. She was very knowledgeable and helped us with our purchase - and even helped sell us personalized Maltese stamps. A terrific souvenir of our visit to Malta and the postal museum.
Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia
With my thanks to all the Maltese people and its Post for their kindness during my visit to this magical land! With best wishes - Maria Grand Duchess of Russia
A. Rushworth
I had the pleasure of visiting your museum two weeks ago, and was really pleased at what I found, very well set out,
It was really intesting to read about Mr Zerafa and his family, for many years I was penfriend to his eldest daughter, before she passed away in 1983,
Donna Bonello was very helpful,and as I am sure all your staff are.
I was thrilled to bits with the stamps, thanks for a super visit.
This wonderful museum is Postal History at its best! Every little detail is recorded and displayed extremely tastefully. Wonderful to find a lasting touch of Britain still preserved in a changing Malta!!
I honestly think that this is a great place for a school outing. Students are guaranteed a great experience learning about history and design amongst other things. The museum's mascot, Peppi the postman is an attractive character for children, capable of holding their interest throughout the experience.
Melanie G
Recently established in the heart of Valletta, this is a hidden gem of a museum appealing to all ages. There is a working post office on the ground floor within the museum and friendly, knowledgeable staff ensure your visit is worthwhile!
A splendid little museum hidden in the back streets of Valletta. Excellently laid out, easy to follow even for those who had little interest in philately, and a good children's corner. A lot of thought had gone into this museum and its displays, deserves to be better advertised by Malta's tourist information centre.
Dane & Diana
How a museum should be - top quality plus. Thank you!
David F.
Excellent! Can be compared amongst the best postal museums today. Well done.
Stanley P
The museum is an ideal place for conferences due to its location, history, interior decoration full of historical memorabilia and works of art, interesting surroundings, and the staff were all very helpful. It is also an ideal place to visit with foreign friends as it offers a spectacular overview of Maltese history and tradition as narrated in our philately.
Thank you so much for the lovely experience and the excellent help in organizing our seminar! The Postal Museum is an excellent venue for any event!!
Marija & Joanne
The treasure hunt was great fun. Everything was very well hidden.
I had a lovely time at decoupage. See you next time :) :) !!
Mgarr Primary
A very well organized tour for a group of around 40 students. Pupils enjoyed themselves. Will sure come again next year.
Kirsty K
I loved this place. Granted, I am a stamp collector and dealer, so this was No. 1 on my list of things to do in Malta. The staff are very friendly, and can take a photo of you to create your own sheet of postage stamps. I have an awesome sheet of my hubby & I next to a postbox. I also bought a lovely Malta Post Box pin badge. Very reasonable prices. The exhibition itself is fascinating, the history of post on Malta. I'm sure even a non-stamp collector would find the history quite interesting.
T. Walsh
Being a postman and previously a telegramme boy in London in the 1950's this brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you.
A. Vella
è un gioiello, grazie
Thank you so much for a wonderful tour!
M. Debono
Very interesting museum. An old building renovated into a unique museum in the heart of the capital city. Brings back memories to persons of mature age. Children will enjoy and have a memorable learning experience.
Helen & Alison
Had to be kicked out. Most excellent museum.
Judith & Alan
Exhaustive, well laid out, excellent shows - needs a second visit.
Max B
Great museum showcasing the country's rich history through the lens of its postal service. Nicely laid out in a beautiful building with a really clear sense of progression.
Pe't'a & Flad
Impressive. We liked the boats! Also the war history and the part about plague disinfection. Would have never though of that, but it all makes sense! So, thank you for this.
Kevin C.
I was very impressed with the high level of this new state-of-the-art museum. Although one thinks it is small on going in, one keeps discovering floor after floor of perfectly exhibited interesting exhibits. Lighting and finish of the museum are superb and act as an example to what other Maltese museums should strive for. Well done to all who worked on this project.
Newark School
Exceptional! A wonderful experience both for the children and the teachers. Well done and keep it up. Prosit!
We visited in the first week of December and found the Curator, Lara on top form, along with her enthusiastic team. . Nothing was too much trouble and doors were unlocked and opened to allow me to get good photographs. We spent nearly three hours in this museum, which at €5 each represents excellent value for money. Highly recommended!
Very interesting and so well presented in an attractive, interactive, easy and fun way! The staff are wonderful and so helpful and clearly have their heart in it. It's a museum with soul which touches you because of the very personal human element that postal services have played and continue to play. Take your children and don't miss it!
Joanna S.
A great tribute to our fabulous history. You make us proud.
One of the best museums in Malta right now. Very interesting! Thank you.
A truly amazing experience that this brand new museum has to offer. Collectors and non-collector of stamps or other postal elements will be left mesmerised with the huge collection of stamps present. The devil is in the detail as they say as all the stamps which some of them are extremely rare are well presented for the visitors to admire these magnificent historical pieces. By far one of the top museums on the island.
Very interesting and beautifully set out. Lovely for children.
J Watson & A Mitchell
Very interesting collection in a lovely building. I hope you continue to expand and record this subject.
Proset. Storja nteressanti hafna u ta' min ikun jaf biha. Id-dokumentarju jghin jekk ikun bis-sottotitoli ghall-hearing impaired. Proset.
Wonderfully displayed and historically fascinating. Great job!
Prosit hafna. Interessanti, prezentat tajjeb. Inizjattiva sabiha li nfetah dan il-muzew.
Outstanding effort made and attention to detail. Long overdue and one of the best museums I have visited. Well done.
Martin & Daniela
Fantastic audio-visuals and overall setup! Well done!
Geoffrey & Jean
We wish we had a full day to look. A mine of precious information.
A fantastic place worth visiting. Much needed for historic Malta.

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